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 What IS Lucky Rabbit?

So, you've managed to land on this page for one reason or another, which is awesome. To help catch people up to speed about what Lucky Rabbit is in general, we have released a podcast explaining just what it is all about, to help everyone reach the same conclusion about the community harbored within.

 Site updates

April 27th, 2016

Managed to find the time and motivation to update the regular site by cleaning up some coding issues, as well as adding the FFXIV section to gaming. Also, XIV twitter to the right now, to complement the social media monitoring.

February 7th, 2016

Whew! All kinds of work completed in the past few hours. At this point, all the nav tabs are working as intended, and their respective pages have been completed to a "finalized" standard. The forum can use a bit more TLC, due to some issues with graphics, but I have worked hard enough this past week or two; Now, it is time to enjoy some fun!

Welcome to the official launch of, my friends! And potential future friends! ~ Ristle

Feruary 5th, 2016

Finalized the navbar, and gave it a decidedly "gamer" touch, which makes me feel soooo happy! Also, I changed the forum from PhpBB over to SMF, because I am unsatisfied with the options I had as an administrator. I will tweak the forum colors a bit, to look more in line with the main site. I also plan to touch up the logo, and add "Lucky Rabbit" to it, so people will have an idea of where they are. From there, a modified version will be utilized on the forums, because consistency means stability, which is always something to strive for.

Also, I have been drawing inspiration from the Twitter @RespectYourself as of late, and I wish to share this with others. So, I have placed it on the site, with the desire that others can also become empowered by the positive messages. Gaming is great, but it never hurts to just stop and take things into perspective with oneself, and the world around them, you know? Even if something doesn't apply to someone, it still matters and impacts others, meaning that it is never a bad idea to expand one's horizon, as to be better able to consider the perspective of others.

February 1st, 2016

First draft of the emblem / logo has been completed, and is uploaded online. Forum has been tweaked a bit more, and the layout has been finalized at this time. The next hurdle will be creating the (Soon!) pages, which is not as easy as one would expect. I also desire to spruce up the main section of the site a bit more, yet... I am not certain as to how to go about it all. Mostly just unhappy with the navbar being so bland and ugly. I may make a top nav menu, as a result.

January 31st, 2016

Sharing it with everyone, since much effort was expended to make it possible, but the forum is now officially running! Please visit to check it out. This is being posted at about 12:30 AM, so sleepy admin is in effect; More adjustments will come over time, as function trumps quality at this point. Pay no mind to the contrustion going on, since the site is merely going through a cocoon phase at the moment, and will gradually complete over time.

January 30th, 2016

Layout has been refined just a bit, and work has begun on making the forum functional. The logo has been conceptulized, which is always great. With some tweaking, it can work as a signature, which is awesome!

Quick reminder, but things are being worked on between several college projects, and random Warframe antics; So, expect slow updating for the moment.

 Humble beginnings

January 29th, 2016

Test text here, for refinement later. Just establishing the index page at the moment.

 Random Rabbiting

A cuddly bunny grows into a spunky rabbit over time; Best to give them the extra room for growth and personal development.

Keep in mind that rabbits enjoy the company of others, and bond deeply with friends; A rabbit without friends is like a panda without bamboo! Or a person without laughter!

 Haiku just for you

Rabbits love their friends
Friends make every day unique
Everyone loves friends